Risk-free Hiring

Risk-free Hiring

We provide a vetted pool of talented professionals ensuring you hire the RIGHT talent. Learn More

Growth & Opportunities

Growth & Opportunities

A curated path to walk through an individual on a journey of life-long learning, upskilling and RIGHT opportunities. Learn More

Flexible Workstyle

Flexible Workstyle

Flexibility for employers and employees is a need of time and can sustain if timely quality deliverables are accomplished. Learn More



If you have the right potential or can build one then you are bound to earn your livelihood. We are on a mission to make this a reality. Learn More

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  • Set up payment modes

Post a Project

  • Provide Project Details
  • Highlight as Featured job (Optional)
  • Invite pre-vetted professionals

Award Project and Hire

  • Interview the candidate if the need be
  • Award a Job
  • Offer candidate a permanent role in your organization

Register as a professional

  • Signup and create basic profile
  • Upload a resume

Vetting process

  • Profile screening, reference cross check
  • Take qualification test
  • Personal Interview*
  • DignityScore™ based categorization into 4 levels

Apply for a Project

  • Search for relevant projects
  • Send customized proposal for projects

Dignifiedme introduces Bracketed Pricing Structure, so as an employer, you pay right for the right talent. Learn More

Unique Vetting Process

  • The professionals have to go for a unique examination process comprising psychometric, reasoning, aptitude, and technical skillsets.
  • DignityScore™ is generated based on the individual's qualification, relevant experience, communication skills and DigintyExam™ results.
  • DignityScore™ categorizes professionals into 4 Levels viz. Enthusiast, Competent, Proficient & Expert.
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Short Term Projects

Start with a small project to test out our vetted talents and have a feel of Dignifiedme.

Mid Term Projects

Feel confident on our vetted talents? Invite a professional for few weeks to months of a project with a guaranteed bandwidth and deliverables.

Remote Teams

You just like Dignifiedme Platform! Welcome to hire multiple talents for the same project from all 4 levels to chose from.

Permanent Hiring

Ok! So, you liked a professional and want them to be permanently on your payroll? Feel free to hire from Dignifiedme Platform.

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