We started Dignifiedme with a mission to empower livelihood and enable growth & opportunities. Underlying, there are 3 major problems we aim to bring solutions to. Though we use AI, Blockchain and newer technology stacks, we focus more on reliable and simple solutions and would reinstate as a 'Solutions Company'.

Problem 1: Problem of Migration

Among others, employment opportunities contribute significantly to cause migrations. It's not only specific to blue collar jobs, even the white-collar professionals leave their hometowns and migrate to bigger cities or other developed countries in search of better opportunities.

Nearly 21% of the adult world population, designated the United States as their desired future residence, as per the report of World Economic Forum. While World Migration Report 2020 states that India continued to be the largest country of origin of international migrants.

Problem 2: The risks involved in traditional hiring of professionals.

The traditional hiring of permanent employees introduces a great risk and cost, overall increasing company's operational expenses, thus impacting profitability. Laying off permanent employees during Covid-19 era highlights the company's liabilities over sustainable business models.

Problem 3: Problem of Unemployment

Rising rates of unemployment is a major concern for any country, any government. Enabling employment is not just related to providing permanent job opportunities but providing a permanent source of income is important.

We are building Dignifiedme platform to solve these problems by enhancing 'Gig Economy'. We are not just another freelancing platform, a staffing agency or another job portal. We are an 'Enablement Platform'.

Solution to Problem 1: 'Remote Work is a Solution to 'Problem of Migration'

Dignifiedme takes Gig Economy to the next level bringing opportunities and flexibility of remote working from anywhere, everywhere and for any company. The platform provides a marketplace where Employers can meet qualified Professionals. Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst to the future of work.

Solution to Problem 2: Risk Free Hiring

Dignifiedme enables risk-free hiring of qualified and vetted professionals at a fraction of cost as compared to traditional staffing agencies. While doing so, it also provides a curated learning path of growth and upskilling for Professionals.

Solution to Problem 3: Redefining Employment to Solve the Problem of Unemployment.

Dignifiedme redefines employment for professionals, providing a means to earn livelihood by working on short to mid-term projects regardless of their permanent jobs and provide full time job opportunities too.



"Dignify Livelihood"

Our vision dwells in our name - Dignified me. We are born humans, and hence it's our birth right to live a Dignified Life.

Are we living a Dignified Life?

What is our Mission?

Enable Opportunities and Growth - Anywhere and Everywhere

Our mission is to be an invincible human resource company that shall

  • Increase employability and opportunities to the last corner of the world
  • Inspire to realize Human Dignity
  • Imbibe flexible work culture
  • Instate a pool of qualified professionals

Channelizing talent to their worthwhile workplace and helping them discover their self-worth is the kaleidoscopic mission we adorn.

Core Values

Core Values

We are a company that stands by ETHICS. Our core values are

  • Human First and hence Dignity
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
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