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Are we living a dignified life?

Sir William Shakespeare once said "What is in a Name?" in his famous play 'Romeo and Juliet'.
With due respect, here we would like to differ.
We believe the name reveals an identity – let it be of a person, place or matter.

Dignifiedme isn't named accidently

Dignity is a core human value
that only a human can understand.

A human can differentiate himself or herself from other animals and can think of himself or herself as a Human and this is because of underlying Dignity. Somehow, we have created the world so weak (in fact virtually powerful!) that we have started losing our own Dignity. Worldly scenarios, society and environment forces us to think "Are we living a Dignified Life?”

Let not the problems, troubles & miseries in life weaken
our strongest quality – A Dignified Life.
A Dignified Life
  • Lack of Job ≠ Lack of Dignity
  • Lack of Opportunities ≠ Lack of Dignity
  • Lack of Growth ≠ Lack of Dignity


Lack of Self Reliance = Lack of Dignity

(आत्मनिर्भरता as called in Sanskrit)

Hence the name

Dignifiedme acknowledge potential and provide an environment to thrive as the leaders of tomorrow.

Come, let's vow to live a Dignified Life.

Come, let's vow to live a Dignified Life Join The Revolution
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