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A great resume does not always bring forth a best professional!

At Dignifiedme
we put an extra weightage on our Vetting Process.
Our 90% automated screening engine is incessantly engaged
in building a network of vetted talent.

Profile and Background Check


Profile and Background Check

Our talent team review each Professional's profile, past experiences, project portfolio, social media and a valid govt. ID to assess relevant skills and experience. Additionally our automated system also validate Professional's email ID and Phone Number.




The professionals, after successful profile completion and passing our validation check, have to go for a unique examination process comprising of non-technical and technical skill sets. We assess their work ethics, professionalism, subject matter expertise and communications skills and then derive their DignityScore™.

DignityScore™ Based Classification


DignityScore™ Based Classification

DignityScore™- categorizes professionals into 4 Levels viz. Enthusiast (L1), Competent (L2), Proficient (L3) & Expert (L4). Based on this categorization, Professionals can set their hourly rates. This ensures, you do not pay more to the undeserved talent.

We do not stop here

While there are other platforms out there claiming top 1% or top 3%, we at Dignifiedme believe in a principle of 'Fitting the unfit to survive'.

Our generous effort is to upskill those who fail DignityExam™. Furthermore we consider growth of the Enthusiasts progressively to an Expert level.

Our public as well as personal Knowledgebase is a small step towards upskilling and reskilling programs.

We do not stop here
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